A Holistic Approach To Design

DP Green (DPG) is a multi-disciplinary practice comprised of architects, landscape architects, horticulturists and arborists whose firm belief is that architecture and landscape are inextricably linked. With a holistic approach to design in the built and natural environment, DPG offers full landscape and arboricultural consultancy.

what we offer

Directed toward the marriage of form and function, DPG works towards producing a deep-seated sense of place by responding to a sites natural genius loci. Multiple disciplines collaborate to craft landscapes fully integrated with buildings and infrastructure. DPG’s arboriculture team uses the latest arboreal technologies, knowledge and practices developed worldwide to provide professional tree-care consultation to clients.

“The boundaries between Architecture and Landscape have merged and become less defined, bringing about topographic buildings that embrace the land and context on which it sits.”

— Yeong Weng Fai, Director (DP Green)