Year of Completion
Unilever Asia Pte Ltd c/o Ascendas Funds Management (S) Pte Ltd

Nestled in a tree conservation area on top of Nepal Hill, the site housing Unilever’s first global leadership development centre outside of the United Kingdom comprises ten conserved black-and-white colonial bungalows, other than the newly proposed four-storey training block and a single-storey recreation block.

The building form meanders around existing clusters of mature trees, respecting and preserving the original wooded environment as much as possible. The training centre has a continuous green roof that reduces heat gain while acting as a green replacement for the building’s footprint.

To be consistent with the central theme and not create an environment that is introverted, skylights were introduced along the main interior circulation paths. In addition, a light shaft was introduced to channel natural light down to the underground level. A cluster of sculptured trees at the centre of the light shaft extends beyond the first storey and into the external garden space above.

The landscape strategy was to augment the existing species on site with additional trees to create a stronger character. New species of flora were added for texture, form and colour to increase the biodiversity as well as create an experiential, tropical woodland habitat. Users can also enjoy a planned nature trail through the woodland, which showcases the conserved trees and bio-diverse plantings.