Our Experience

Notable projects in their portfolio show DPG’s extensive knowledge, techniques and experience. One such project example is myVillage at Serangoon Garden, which was conferred the Skyrise Greenery Award in 2011 and the 2015 SLAA (Singapore Landscape Architecture Award) Silver award. The project seamlessly integrated greenery and landscape elements into the building façades and urbanscape. With Trinity Christian Centre and Four Acres Singapore (Unilever’s training institute), DPG’s landscape designs take on a more sophisticated edge.

While Trinity Christian Centre is a testimony of the team’s ability to contextualise and complement the schematic intent of the architecture by enriching biblical allegorical references in its landscaping, Four Acres Singapore exemplifies DPG’s design sensitivity through the integration of conserved woodland habitat with its topographic architecture and green roof. This is coupled with the use of indigenous species to augment the existing biodiversity. DPG’s arboricultural design works on Four Acres Singapore was accoladed the 2015 SLAA Gold award.
Assimilating the latest arboreal technologies, knowledge and practices developed worldwide with artisanal sensibilities for crafting landscape in a collaborative, inter-disciplinary design methodology sits at the heart of DPG’s approach. It is also the key to their success in crafting landscapes that are fully harmonised with buildings and infrastructure, particularly in the formation of hardscapes, softscapes, and green roofs and walls.
Today, DPG’s arboricultural services include but are not limited to Tree Hazard Assessment, Tree Conservation, Construction Impact Study, Proposal of Mitigation Measures for Construction Sites, Authority Consultation, Submission and Clearance, NParks’ Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) Requirement Verification, Site Monitoring during Construction, Tree Planting and Transplanting, Tree Felling and Pruning Supervision, and Plant Analysis and Diagnostic for existing landscape.  

Four Acres Singapore
myVillage at Serangoon Garden
Trinity Christian Centre