The industrial building typology represents a unique set of conditions that challenge designers to think about utilitarian buildings that could transform the environment. Starting from our first factory building project, the Yeo Hiap Seng factory at Dunearn Road, to the recent President’s Design Award-winning Sunray Woodcraft Construction headquarters, DP has eschewed the typical enclosed factory building type with monotonous appearance and severe massing to create refreshing and dynamic alternatives.

DP has helped to redefine the industrial building typology with design solutions that not only optimise the operating processes, but are at the same time attractive, promote the well-being of the occupants, and instil pride and purpose in the owners and employees. Besides addressing the functional and efficiency requirements of the client, users, context and climate, DP’s factory building designs consider ventilation, landscaping, circulation and plan layouts for greater efficiency and collaboration, colour palette and material choices, and scale to ensure a human-centred experience within an industrial environment.

JTC Space @ Tuas

Area: 29,400sqm
Year of Completion: 2017
Location: Singapore