Grand Park Orchard

Fashion: Reimagined + Re-planted

Oft times, the function of landscaping and greens is to beautify a space. While it sounds simple enough, the art of “greening” a space and/or an architecture goes beyond inputting flora wherever planter boxes are found. The strategic, precise and creative placement of greens can enhance architectural designs and elevate interior aesthetics. Our testimony of this: Grand Park Orchard.

In the heart of Orchard Road, Grand Park Orchard heralds a new direction in hotel design. Taking fashion with its use of textiles as its cue, the fore-ground Fashion Plaza is graced by two iconic elemental sculptures floating on twin reflective pools. Both are conceptualised as dynamic pieces of fabric tossed in motion by the wind. Four Gardenia carinata trees stand framing the two reflective pools.

270 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238857
Category Retail | Hospitality
Year 2010
Size 23,200sqm
The celebrated corner is accentuated and framed by lines of existing trees.
The bright sculptural installation echoes the thematic fluidity of the façade and dynamism of Orchard Road.

Looming above, the façade of the building draws its inspiration from the chevron weave of a tweed fabric, expressed in ‘interwoven’ fins of aluminium. Behind this interwoven screen on the fourth storey, the striking lap pool too, take its cue from the fashion world. Conceived like a fashion catwalk, it is dramatically lined in black mosaic and dusted with gold tiles. Sparkling and glinting to the rippling water surface, it creates the perfect foil for the fashionable, jet-setting guests of Grand Park Orchard. To complement this theme, yellow-hybrid terrestrial orchids, Spathoglottis plicata lined the peripheral planters whilst Citharexylum spinosum trees with its perennial autumnal foliage of orange-yellow create a stark contrast to the overall pool deck entirely lined in black mosaic.

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