JTC Space @ Tuas

The nature of science

From nature, we derive science. From science, we in turn, derive the design of nature. Thus, when conceptualising the landscape of the eight-storey JTC Space @ Tuas Biomedical Park, we chose to dwell on the relationship the built environment has with the bio-medical services it houses. This includes instrument calibration, equipment fabrication and maintenance. The result was a landscape design that drew inspiration from the natural patterns in biology and chemistry; lending shapes and form to the vertical greening and hardscape design.

At the first storey, existing rain trees are interspersed and enhanced with the Rose of India trees to add colour and break the monotony of the regimentally planted rain trees at the public roadside table. Upon entry, the drop-off porch is graced by an elliptical landscaped island, planted with a ring of Philodendron selloum plants to greet visitors upon arrival at the main entrance. Flanked by public amenities comprising a clinic and child care centre, the main arrival hall affords an element of surprise with its 50-metre long central courtyard with daylight streaming in from above.

Exposed to the elements, a veritable rain-forest garden is created using tropical species with parasol-like crowns such as Dillenia reticulate, Schefflera actinophylla and Eurycoma longifolia, casting dappled shade on the seating deck while nestling a children’s playground within its lush greenery.

128 Tuas South Ave 3, Singapore 637550
Category Industrial
Year 2017
Size 29,400sqm
The landscape concept draws its inspiration from natural patterns in biology and chemistry, lending shapes and form to the vertical greening and hardscape designs.
The hardscape is composed of organically shaped islands of granite pavers, reminiscent of biological, cellular structures, separated by interstitial ‘joints’ of turf grass. Larger islands are created to accommodate seating areas lined with timber-decking and custom concrete-cast furniture.
At the more intimate ground level, a collection of under-storey, leafy shrubs and variegated groundcovers add textures and colours to the sensorial experience of these small but voluminous ‘courtyard’ terraces.
Hovering above these courtyard terraces, the strung-wire lattice screen supports the flowering and fragrant vines, which cut off the glare and heat of the midday sun; creating a more natural screen appropriate to these sky terraces’ intended purpose.

On the eight storey, a 35-metre long linear sky terrace awaits the users. Here, amoeba-shaped islands of seating are dotted within the landscape; linked by a sinuous, paved pathway. Following alongside this pathway, wave-bands of groundcovers are laid out in a similar fashion, wrapping around these islands. Again, groves of different forest tree species are planted along these bands of groundcovers at designated spots to frame the seating islands while affording shade. This sky-terrace garden remains the ideal spot to catch a breath of fresh air and taking in vantage views across the Tuas Biomedical Park.

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.