Oasia Hotel & Novena Specialist Center

Urban respite

There is a certain calm where nature is found. Indulgence in it offers respite and a certain sense of happiness. For this reason, plantings within an urbanscape more than beautify, its visual respite also serves the subtler function of soothing and lifting one’s spirits. This is especially so for highly built-up environments such as Novena Specialist Centre.

Seated at the heart of the 25-storey complex, our landscape schematics introduced light-filled courtyards into the design. The purpose of these courtyards was to provide visual relief and privacy to the medical suites that surround their glazed peripheries.

8 Sinaran Dr, Singapore 307470
Category Office | Hospitality | Healthcare | Mixed Use
Year 2011
Size 24,300sqm
It has been said that nature has the power to heal. Conceptualising Novena Specialist Centre, it was intuitive that the design would harness the effects of greenery throughout its space.
Located in the heart of the city, Novena Specialist Centre is surrounded by harsh city skyline. By planting greenery in the courtyards and other exterior spaces, our landscape design helps soften the view; thereby offering visual relief to visiting patients.
Thus, the landscape design of its courtyards was orchestrated to provide two things: visual relief and tranquillity.

Theme planting

At the courtyards, landscaped areas were maximised and feature their own plant themes; namely, Fern Tree Court and Chengal Court. This effectively set the aesthetic tone as each showcases landscaping unique to the planting species used. Fern Tree Court is a lush escape with Schizolobium parahybum while Chengal Court is a charming space with Hopea odorata.

On the fourth storey, the central courtyard is planted with flowering frangipani trees, Plumeria rubra, that overlook a reflective pool. Bouncing light into the interior, the pool functions well to enliven the spaces with the dancing interplay of shadow and light.

Like mini oases in the urban desert of a highly built environment, these pockets of green at Novena Specialist Centre beckons; inviting you to find a moment’s quietude and solitude amidst its leafy hearth.

Specialist Services

Integrated services provided for this project.